Antelope Dinner Theater-2008
Sweeney Todd
The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!
Diabolically restored by Raymond Hill
Music by Margaret Hoven
Once again Margaret Hoven and her crew out did themselves. We started off with presale tickets for the dinner
tickets selling out approx 30 min after they went on sale (204). First time ever that fast.  We ended up adding an
extra performance Thanksgiving weekend without the dinner. There were great reviews. Many questioned how
this storyline would play out but with Margaret's talent and crew it was Great!!    I have included a few pictures of
the cast.

News Flash:  Special fundraiser for Centennial will be June 13 and 14 with a
performance more details to come.
Cast and Crew
The play is set in London , England, 1830 on Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd, demon barber---Steve Cybulski

Claudetta Mincey, pie Maker---Connie Grove

Cherry Goodenough, naive apprentice ---Nadine O'Toole

Jack Heartright, scientific health inspector---Don Jensen

Dunsmuir Snider, greedy landlord---Gordy Kampen

Deborah Dryden, rich temperance reformer---Tina Quam

The Vendells, street vendors, storytellers, and backup singers:
Sadie---Annette Waller
Lydia---Tammy Anderson
Jane---Yvonne Richardson
Rosie---Tina Quam

Bow  Street Runner, police officer  ---Gorden Kampen

Director---Margaret Hoven
Piano---Colette  Custer
Lights and sound---Erik Anderson