July 3, 2010
My Dad (Thorwald Brekke) went to
Antelope HS along with his siblings
(Ivar, Inga, Ingrid and Erling).  

Back Row (Left to Right): Thorwald,
Erling, Ivar
Front Row: Inga, John (my
grandfather), Anna, Ingrid
Date: 1945
Antelope MT Diamond Jubilee 1985
celebration – Left to right: Back row:
Magnes Aasheim, Thorwald Brekke,
Henry Jorgensen, Mabel (Ueland)
Nicholson, Margaret (Richardson)
Nelson; Front row: Kathryn (Clark)
Berge, Inga (Brekke) Hart, Alice
(Erickson) Hedges, Blanche (Glaze)
Morken. Maiden names are within
brackets ()
This Antelope team won the
championship in 1925. Note that the
game ball is in the picture. Back Row
(Left to right) – Magnus Aasheim,
Louis Stewart, V. Haven, Olaf Aasheim;
Bottom Row – Elmo Hansen, Ivar
Brekke (Captain), Earl Van Varst.
My Dad (Thorwald Brekke) went to Antelope HS along with his siblings (Ivar,
Inga, Ingrid and Erling).  
John Brekke, Sioux Falls, SD

Can't wait to see everyone......
Dawn (Olson) Jacobson
Whitefish, MT

We'll be there!
Scott & Marilyn Olson
Big Fork, MT

Excited to see everyone again!
Billings, MT

Good job on the photo Blake. Looking forward to the reunion......YeeHaa....I miss being up there. Hope to see
everyone real soon. Uffda, not that far off either. Thanks
Gale Bestland
Belgrade, MT

I am excited about this chance to see people again.
Wanda (Rasmussen) Kendall
Broken Arrow, OK
6/15/10  Wow--looks like a great turnout of Pronghorns!  Sorry to say that I am not coming but would love to see you
all...if anyone plans to go through Helena, please give me a call.  I will be in Great Falls and Missoula for dog shows
until the 1st of July and can't get it together to be in Antelope..have a Golden Retriever that I am showing--crazy though I
am.  Love to get emails, so hope to hear from some of you!  Ciao!!
Allyn Ann Bernau Cummins

4/26/10  All right! Any of you who can put one foot in front of the other for longer than 20 minutes ought to sign up for the
Antelope Amble. See how much fun can you have, walking with fellow Antelopeites --wait a minute, we were never
called that -- fellow Pronghorns (better!), catching up on who you've seen, how much they've changed, and anything
else you know about who's in town.  Sign up now! You'll get a really cool visor, too.
Wanda Rasmussen Kendall

4/23/10 My husband, Larry Jones, and myself are coming for the centennial.  My family lived in Antelope in 53 and 54.  
My dad, Richard Ratzlaff, was the superintendent.  After Antelope we lived in Hoople, ND and then settled in Aberdeen
SD.  My dad taught in these towns, and ended up as a Science teacher in Aberdeen.  He died in May 2000 of a brain
tumor, he was 83 years old.  My mother, Lorene , died in April 1965 of cancer, she was 44 years old. My brother, Dick,
was a POW in Vietnam for 7 years.  He was on the first plane of returning pow's.  After he got home from Vietnam he
went on to become a Navy lawyer.  He died in Feb 1981 from melanoma, and he was 38 years old.  My sister, Lynette,
and her husband Bob Rombs live in Mandan, ND and they have one daughter, Kari.  After we left Antelope , my
youngest sister was born in 1955, Robin.  She and her husband, Rob Sandquist live in Mina, SD.  They have two sons
Chad and Collin.  My husband Larry and myself live !
in Detroit Lakes, MN, and we have one son Clayton and four grandchildren.  We are looking forward to the centennial
celebration.    Jackie Jones  

4/15/10  Mari Ann Thoresen McCracken is coming Mari Ann attended Antelope grade school and 2 years Antelope
High School - graduated from Plentywood HS in 1948

4/15/10 I am enjoying seeing who has signed up to come. Thanks for keeping this up to date. I am delighted to see
that Mr. and Mrs. Kite are coming: teachers from 6th & 7th grade and the basketball coach.  They, too, are from
Oklahoma.  Cool!!  Wanda Rasmussen Kendal

4/11/10  Wanda is working on an Antelope Amble   5k or 3m fun run or walk  check out the home page

One of the things i have been researching is what would the Danes and Norwegians have done with their spare
time when the community of Antelope was founded.  Given the propensity of the average person presently located in
Sheridan county to drink their inlaws under the table, I would have to assume that the forefathers sat around and
brewed beer.  Being a home brew hobbyist and my desire to contribute to the great festivities on July 3rd, I have gotten
for those who would like to sample them, i believe we will plan an event in Plentywood.  Details to follow.
Bill Adams

1/18/10 Don't you wish they'd named the Lumber yard after their old home town? We'd have had the very first
Starbucks in little old Antelope Montana!
Connie Rasmussen Grove

12/31/09 Congratulations Antelope on 100 years! I'm working on geneology of the Lindquist families who
homesteaded in Antelope in 1910 from Starbuck, MN!  Carl (Emil) worked or owned a lumbar yard in Antelope and
Albert farmed nearby. If anyone has pics of the lumbar yard or more information on the families I'd appreciate it!
Wanda Haberer
29123 180th Ave
Elbow Lake, MN

12-25-09 Who are the oldie moldies? I'm thinking I'm not old enough to have known them when they were in school. But
there are some 'getting-to-be-oldie' folks from my era: the 60's.  Merry Christmas every Pronghorn!
Wanda Rasmussen Kendall
Broken Arrow, OK

12-23-09  How many of you oldie moldies from the class of 1953 will be there?  Have wondered what happened to
everybody over the years.
By the way, Thor, if anyone comes from the class of 1925 and plays basketbll I really wanna be there.....
Vi Christiansen Cotter
Stayton, Oregon

Yo Pronghorns!
The class of 1963 challenges all comers to a game of (no holds barred) basketball.  Including the championship class
of 1925.  No fear.  
Well, we may have to bring in some ringers from Flaxville and Opheim to round out the team, but we will stand tall at
center court with those of us that make it.  Go Team.
Hope to see you all at the re-union.
Thor Bussinger

Anyone from the class of 68 attending?  Are you coming? We can tell each other how young we still look/haven't
changed a bit or some other nonsense just make us feel good!!!!  Wanda Rasmussen Kendall

5/23/09  My husband Michael and I own Big sky Paints and Quarter Horses in Belgrade, MT. Michael is also employed
as a sales manager at Empire Building Materials inbozeman. I am also employed parttime at The Antique Market in
bozeman where my sister Gale and I have a booth and employed for Hearts and Handsdoing Equine Theraphy. It  just
dawned on me we have so many jobs to support our horse havits. I have 2 daughters billie Jo Mathers in Terre Haute
IN and Alanna Granning in Belgrade, MT Michael has 2 sons Paul in Michigan and Robert in England. And with that we
have 5 beautiful Granddaughters and 3 handsome grandsons     Glenna (Bestland) Wood

5/9/09  Can't wait to see everybody. Class of 73, think we can get together some time that weekend.
??????????Jackie Petersen Ehrhardt

5/1/09  Should be a "GREAT TIME"   Carol Brenteson

4/12/09  I retired in Jan 08  It is a good life       Betty Teigen