A Musical Comedy
Written by Connie Grove
Directed & Music by Margaret Hoven

A day at the dysfunctional office of the Ready, Willing
and Able Insurance Company.  
"Of course we can file yor claim, but only if your names
begins with A, B, C and sometimes D"
The Cast and Crew
Barbie                                Tina Quam
Edith                                   Tammy Anderson
Mary Jane                           Nadine O'Toole
Judy                                    Connie Grove
Client                                  Annette Waller
Boss                                   Coleen Sundsted
Joe                                      Don Jensen

Sound & Lights                   Pat Boles
Costumes                           Bonnie Adams & Cast
Set Design                         Margaret Hoven
Table decorations              BJ Olson
                                Diane Spoklie
                                Tammy Anderson              
As Edith would say, " A group effort"
Director  & Music by Margaret  Written by Connie
Sunday nite
hors d'oeuvres
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Thumbs Up
June 12,13, & 14, 2009