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Saturday, July  3, 2010
Thanks to all of you who attended and helped out to make the Centennial
a Success!! It was a fun time for all!  There is some merchandise and we
will post that as soon as we get an inventory.  If you have pics please post
them on the
facebook antelope centennial group to share with everyone
The winner of the quilt was Carol
Grayson from Billings , MT.
Congratulations Carol!
The Antelope Amble was a big success with 79 people signing up! A beautiful
morning made it an enjoyable event for everybody who participated. They received
their Amble visor and map at the beginning, ambled their way over the 3.1 mile
course, received water part way through and handstamps for encouragement. At the
finish line, the old school site, they also were awarded a 'medal' in the form of a
magnet with a Sheridan County native antelope on it! Congratulations to the first 11
finishers who, according to 'race officials', were Thor Bussinger, Patrick Enstad,
Collin and Bill Adams, Risa Hedges, Isabella Rose, Barbie Walker, Ron Grove,
Janelle Nordhagen, and Kathy and Kendal Tangedal.  That's a real combination of
locals, folks from the West coast and folks from Arkansas.  Good job to everyone!  
Thanks to my 'race officials' who knew I couldn't be in more than one place at a time.
Wanda (Rasmussen) Kendall